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NA_JimmyKThe Pacific Cascade Region’s primary purpose is to support the areas in their efforts to carry the message to the still suffering addict. In support of this purpose, the Pacific Cascade Region is offering the following information and sample documents. Please feel free to use them as your area sees fit within the traditions. If there is anything else that the region can do to support its areas needs, please send your request to the Regional Service Committee through your Regional Committee Member, or feel free to contact us.

Sponsorship Behind the Walls

Many NA members who are incarcerated don’t have the ability to experience the miracle of sponsorship….
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Download the Sponsorship Behind the Walls flyer and print for your groups.
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New to Narcotics Anonymous

Who’s an Addict?

What is the Narcotics Anonymous Program?

Am I an Addict?

How do I Get a Sponsor?

What can I expect my first NA Meeting?

Am I too Young to be an Addict?

Your First NA Meeting.

Can I Stay Clean on the Outside?

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Meeting Apps


NOTE: As meeting information changes frequently, you may wish to verify that the information is accurate through local helplines or webpages.


Meeting Readings

Who Is an Addict

What Is the NA Program

Why Are We Here

How it Works

Twelve Traditions

We Do Recover

Just for Today


Information Pamphlets

IP #1 Who, What, How and Why

IP #5 Another Look

IP #6 Recovery and Relapse

IP #7 Am I an Addict

IP #8 Just For Today

IP #9 Living the Program

IP #10 Working Step 4 in NA

IP #11 Sponsorship Revised

IP #12 The Triangle of Self Obsession

IP #13 By Young Addicts for Young Addicts

IP #15 PI and the NA Member

IP #16 For the Newcomer

IP #17 For Those in Treatment

IP #19 Self Acceptance

IP #20 H & I Service and the NA Member

IP #21 The Loner Staying Clean in Isolation

IP #22 Welcome to NA